small reno, big changes: week five renos

More from guest-posters, Jessica and Emma. This week, more painting and looking ahead to the tilework.



As mentioned in Week Four, we added some more painting for Clint and Lyle – extending the Poolside Blue to the front door. This added about a days work onto the original paint job, but we’re really happy we made the decision to include more colour. It looks fantastic! On Monday and Tuesday the painters finished the final coat of Poolside Blue, and started the top coats for the Chartreuse.

paint after


Lyle plastered the cement column in our place and did a great job! The plaster we used is by American Clay and you can get it from Carbon Boutique in Edmonton, AB. The colour we chose for the plaster is called Wild Horse Smoke. It goes on darker than we anticipated but dries much lighter. You can see the difference between the wet and dry colour here:

grey concrete post

Personally, Emma and I prefer the light dry colour. It makes the column feel less heavy and looks more natural in our place. The colour also blends in well with the spots of the sides of the column that have a bit of crumbling. It looks more like the original colour of the column. Some painting was also completed in the bathroom. Just a layer of primer on top of some of the mudding so the tiles will stick properly when they go up.



The last day before our vacation so we completed some last minute errands and made sure most stuff was in place before leaving for a week so the work could be completed while we were away. This meant making sure everyone had keys to our place. We made sure we had several people in our building who also had spares to let in contractors and workers (really happy that we have a doorman that could keep a key on hand for us as they have been really great at working with our contractors. We also need to give a big shout out to our friends, Nick and Sarah, for keeping an eye on our place and picking up our mail). I also ran down to Airdrie, AB and picked up a cool, old Pedlars People Ltd. locker that we thought would really suit our place and would work perfectly as a place to store all of our cleaning supplies.


Some more layers of Chartreuse went up (that colour needed a lot of coats, my god!).

There were also some issues with the bathroom plumbing that we made sure to try and get sorted before we left. We had to email both the condo board and the building’s management company to ask for permission to reconfigure some of the plumbing for the bathroom. This meant that we would need access to the unit below us. Luckily, our contractor is great at working out this type of stuff with our doorman and the owner of the unit. We barely had to do a thing about it (besides the initial emails and, of course, worry). He just took care of it. Basically, our contractor is wonderful and got it sorted by the next week (week six) so no work was delayed. Or as far as I know nothing was really delayed so…hooray!



Our lighting arrived but we weren’t there to pick it up. But our wonderful friends did! They are the best!

Clint and Lyle finished up some painting and cleaned out their stuff so the contractor could start their work with the tiling the following week.

Photos from Week Five.