best of the week: july 24

I can’t stop watching this video after seeing it at the Just For Cats Film Festival at the Metro Cinema last weekend.

What does Freedom mean to you?

I listened to After The Jump on my walk to work this morning, and the Jealousy episode really struck a chord with me. I often get jealous, but not in a healthy way. I find it shuts me down, rather than inspiring me to charge on. For myself, this will likely be listened to numerous times.

Deleted around 150 emails and put 2 items in the donate bag. Only slight decluttering this week. Definitely have some paper piles staring me down. In fun times news, I co-hosted the Comics! The Blog’s podcast this week. Check it out, and listen to myself and Brandon talk about Doctor Who and recommend some comics!

Starting next week, there will be some exciting new material on the blog. I can’t wait for you to see it!