deleting electronic clutter

E-clutter is just as important to clear out as physical clutter. It’s probably worse because much of the time, we don’t even realize it’s there. It’s that mailing list that you delete without reading every month, the site that you signed up for to two years ago because it sounded fun, the sites that you bookmark and then never look at again. I don’t do giant sweeps of my e-clutter, because that would be overwhelming. But every so often, I trim a bit. Like this week, for instance.

I took 15 minutes, sat down at my computer, and dug in. I had a couple ideas where to start, so I unsubscribed from two big sites right away(and deleted the bookmarks). My Pinterest boards took a bit longer, but there were a couple boards I never even looked at, so those went first. I even went into a board I was still interested in, and deleted some specific pins. It all counts. Even a single pin being deleted is progress.

Try not to put yourself down, or tell yourself that it’s not enough. It is enough, for today. My tweets are little pats on my back. I’m not good at self-congratulating, but this is my way of being accountable to not only my friends, but myself. I can look back and say, I did that.