small reno, big changes: week two renos

Getting into the renovations means the condo stops looking like a condo, and more like a grey box. But we all love dealing with drywall, right? It’s pretty exciting to see the new shape of the space coming together.


Week Two

Monday – The contractor put our shower plumbing and created the shelving area for our shower, roughed-in plumbing for the kitchen and removed a bunch of garbage and debris from our place.

bathroom new shower

Tuesday – Emma and I picked up the American Clay for the concrete pillar.

Wednesday – Drywall was dropped off and the electrician wired some stuff. Emma and I removed all of the plaster on the concrete pillar to make it clay plaster ready.

concrete pillar before and after

Thursday – Electrician wired in the under-cabinetry lighting and removed our pendant lights.

Friday - The insulation and drywall was put back up.

Some seemingly small but important things happened this week. Nothing that makes you go, “Woah, what a change!”

Here are some photos from Week Two.