selling art

I’ll be posting these on Kijiji next week, but I wanted you guys to have first dibs. I’ve have these pictures for quite a few years now, but for the last couple, they’ve been hanging safely in my parents home. They’re very pretty, just not my decor style anymore.

The first print is of a deep red dress with large black frame. Measures 21 x 40 inches with wire hanger attached. I’m selling this one for $40.00.


There are some dents in the frame, but they’re quite small.



The next print is a royal purple dress without a frame. There never was a frame, so I’m selling this one for $30.00. Measures 19.5 x 39 inches, with wire hanger attached.



This last piece is quite small, measuring 6 x 14 inches, with a hanger for nails attached. I’m selling this one for $5.00. IMG_2138-editPlease contact me at danicaleblanc at gmail dot com if you are in the Edmonton area and would like to purchase one or more of these. Thanks for reading!


no shame or guilt in this space

Your belongings shouldn’t make you feel shame or guilt. Whether it was a gift that you never liked, or a bad decor decision. Your belongings don’t own you! Many people hold on to presents because they feel the item is somehow emotionally attached to the gift giver. Gifts aren’t a perfect art. Sometimes you’ll receive things that aren’t quite “you”. Often, the gifts I receive will be donated or re-gifted.

Yes, I said re-gifted.

I am a believer in re-gifting. There’s enough new stuff being made in this world every day. If an item doesn’t work for your lifestyle, and you know of someone who could truly use it, why not pass it along? It saves time, money, and waste from creating new products. Now I know it still gets a bad rap, but re-gifting within reason can be quite beneficial to all parties. Nothing opened or used, and never give it back to the person who originally gave it to you. It may sometimes be the butt of jokes in bad comedies, but used well, it is an environmentally friendly way to give an item to someone who will really care for this item.

I went to a re-gifting party at a neighbours’ home when I went to my parents’ for Christmas this year, and it was really fun. No money spent(I believe even the wrapping and bags were likely re-used) and we had a blast.


Moving on from shame and guilt, I will add there should be no item that creates anger or sadness in your space. And there’s a difference between sadness and wistfulness, so late family items, if they work in your life, do not count. Nobody wants to look at a duvet/a ladle/a sofa with anger. If something brings you that much frustration, trade/find/buy another. Buy some fabric and cover that throw pillow up with something that will give you peace. I’m no psychologist, but if a throw pillow is making you angry, there’s a chance there’s something more there. In any case, if you can’t smile at the little things and feel a sense of calm in your home, try changing it up. Experiment with colour, fabric, size, whatever’s outside your comfort zone.

Get rid of everything that makes you feel sad, angry, embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed. You and your space should feel a lot better.

best of the week: april 25

Taken by Rick LeBlanc

In the Shadow of Freud`s Couch, an interesting photo project on how psychoanalysts decorate their offices.

I enjoyed finding out more details about How McMansions Ruined America. We have them locally and I find them atrocious and bloated. Nobody needs to live in that much space unless they`ve got a giant family.

My favourite Apartment Therapy House Tour advice this week is `This Is Your Space`. Simple, but for me, easy to forget, and I`m going to continue enjoying my space more and more.

This weeks’ decluttering tally: deleted 120 email messages, unsubscribed from 6 mailing lists, 2 baking trays, 3 muffin tins, and 3 mixing bowls to go to Goodwill, trashed 3 pairs of tights that don’t fit anymore.

creative bookshelves

I envy people who can hang shelves on their walls. I’m getting bored of our basic bookshelves and long for something more creative like the shelves I’ve found recently.

Photo Credit

I adore these staggered corner shelves, and will likely steal this idea when I have a house of my own one day. Plus, any decorating picture that includes a cat gets extra points in my books!

L-Brackets are another way to free up some floor space by stacking books. I love how brilliantly simple it is!

new art!

Brandon and I spent part of Saturday afternoon hanging prints we had framed at Glenora Gallery. They turned out beautifully, and I’m really happy to have more colour in the apartment.

Very excited to get the Veronica Mars movie poster on the wall, as I chipped in for the Kickstarter last year. The poster showed up the week the movie was released, and I couldn’t believe how large it was. Measures approximately 2.5 by 3.5 feet! We picked a simple black frame to let the poster shine, and I think it looks fantastic above the steamtrunk we found at the ReStore last year.

Veronica Mars poster
Veronica Mars poster

The next one is a project I did back when I was living in Vancouver and taking a Colour Theory course from Maria Killam. That whole experience was really rewarding and although I’ve veered more into organization and decluttering, I’m still really interested in how colours works together to this day. The project was to assemble pictures and colours that reflect a chosen style. Unsurprisingly, I chose “50’s Retro”. I also chose “Hunting Lodge” to challenge myself, but that one’s not getting framed. Too many dead animal parts. Not really my style at all. I`ve been holding on to this project for many years now, and I`m happy it finally has a proper home where it won`t get bent or ripped.

``50`s Retro`` Colour Theory project
“50`s Retro“ Colour Theory project

how to freshen your space

Find an small item you love. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.




Got it? Now take it from its’ current spot, and move it to another room.

It’s nice to change things up every once in a while as it keeps your space visually stimulating, and brings a new look into the home. I do this every so often, and find it helps me whittle down my collection of knick-knacks because I can see if something only works in one spot. It’s the same with your wardrobe. You should aim to have clothing that matches or coordinates with multiple items rather then just one or two.

Treat all items in your space like this. Keep moving things around, and you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

best of the week: april 18

Happy Friday, everybody! In Danica news, I bought an iPad. I was borrowing Brandon’s so often, I finally realized it would have a use in my life, and am hoping to use it for blogging. The WordPress app is really nice, and I can take very nice looking pictures. I’ve also found some really neat design and colour apps(even a colour game!), so am looking forward to seeing what those can offer.

Remember, buying stuff makes you miserable and having less means you get to spend more time living your life. I continue to attempt to have less in my space, and do feel it’s making me happier. I commented to Brandon the  other day about how if we have less stuff, there’s less to dust. So if that’s your main reason for decluttering, I say it’s still a valid one. Less dusting equals less cleaning equals more time to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

I really enjoy Courtney Carver’s blog “Be More With Less”, especially this post on comparison. I often compare myself to others, which is not a healthy way to live, and always unrealistic. Perhaps that’s why I keep buying clothes. 😉

Lastly, this is a good reminder for myself to try not to get distracted as much.