best of the week: april 18

Happy Friday, everybody! In Danica news, I bought an iPad. I was borrowing Brandon’s so often, I finally realized it would have a use in my life, and am hoping to use it for blogging. The WordPress app is really nice, and I can take very nice looking pictures. I’ve also found some really neat design and colour apps(even a colour game!), so am looking forward to seeing what those can offer.

Remember, buying stuff makes you miserable and having less means you get to spend more time living your life. I continue to attempt to have less in my space, and do feel it’s making me happier. I commented to Brandon the  other day about how if we have less stuff, there’s less to dust. So if that’s your main reason for decluttering, I say it’s still a valid one. Less dusting equals less cleaning equals more time to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

I really enjoy Courtney Carver’s blog “Be More With Less”, especially this post on comparison. I often compare myself to others, which is not a healthy way to live, and always unrealistic. Perhaps that’s why I keep buying clothes. 😉

Lastly, this is a good reminder for myself to try not to get distracted as much.


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