just show up

Nike was right. Just do it. Just show up. Just, um, git’er done. It’s a tough pill to swallow, one I force myself to take every so often. But ignoring anything(clutter, mess, weight gain) doesn’t make it go away.

Most people get overwhelmed with organizing. They don’t know where to start. Even if you start with one item a day, it still counts for something. Place a bag, box, or basket anywhere that will be in your daily field of vision and then fill it. Fill it up with things you don’t use anymore, things that don’t match with your decor tastes, things that you know could have a better home. And when that receptacle is full, donate it. Or sell it. Or regift it, if they are new enough items. Basically, get it out of your space.

Like weight loss(a battle I am forcing myself to face), the process starts small. You may not see results until weeks or even months. But if you don’t start now, you will never get to that point.

Just remember I’m telling myself this as well right now. I should have bought a stationary bike months ago, and let that slide for far too long. I’m holding myself accountable to you, and tell you that since I have decluttered enough, I now have the proper space for an exercise bike. I’ll go shopping this weekend, and with luck, I will find a bike that fits both the space we have here and my budget.


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