best of the week: may 30

This week I’ve been dreaming about one day buying a tiny house, and using it as our cottage/fixer upper project. I think it would be great to learn more about how houses work, and how to fix them when they don’t. It’s not in the cards for a few more years, but I think about it often. Something like this, even if it seems like a ton of work.

I haven’t been reading blogs much this week, as I have been reading “Man Walks Into A Room” by Nicole Krauss. I’m about halfway through, and have my suspicions on where the story may end up. I always hope I’m wrong, because there’s no fun in guessing the ending to things. At least, in my opinion.

Had some issues with writing this week. Had some issues with a lot of things this week. Perhaps it was the lack of sunshine? As much as I love rain(and I really love rain), my body was probably telling me I needed some sun. I’m still open for design, organizing, or decluttering questions if you got’em. I’ve decided that’s a thing I’m going to do now, and not just because I can’t always be thinking about topics on my own. This brain was not tuned for writing, but I’m going to keep doing this because I feel it’s a good challenge for me.

Brandon has a couple articles about the comics industry from a retailer’s perspective up at Comics Beat. I’m really proud of him, and am happy that site is getting his words to a new audience.


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