best of the week: june 13

My favourite house tour this week on Apartment Therapy is in their “Small Cool” contest. It’s an adorable little place in Iowa that has so much character. I really liked that she filled the space with colour and joy, but it doesn’t feel “packed”. Though some people in the comments below still thought she should have less things. My take on it? It’s her place, so…they should stay out of it if her space makes her happy.

photo from Apartment Therapy


I could feel a lot of passion coming from this article on ZenHabits. My favourite quote? “Minimalism is about pausing, and asking what’s necessary.” Although it has been difficult lately, I am constantly thinking – what do I use? What do I need? What I need is less. But it’s getting there that’s the adventure.


The Doctor Whooch crew celebrated their one year anniversary in their 26th episode, released yesterday.


Found this beautiful listing on this morning and had to share. Retro Renovation is saying for a few years now that the 1970’s are the next decade to be appreciated again and come back in home trends, and this would be perfect for anyone who likes the era. I’m not in the market myself, but if I was, I’d be checking this gorgeous home out. It’s got a sunken living room, warm wood kitchen cabinet with a brown fridge(!), and a bathroom I’d guess was redone in the early 1980s because the sink, toilet and tub are black. I’ve never seen that anywhere other than RR, and it’s beautifully done here. If you’re in the Edmonton area, and are looking for an older home with original bones, you should probably check this one out. Until I get in the buyers market myself, I shall simply continue to window shop.

photo from

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