big beautiful life changes

You could say I had an interesting couple of days last weekend.

This has been a secret for only a short while, but it’s after the fact, so I decided to write about it here. Brandon and I took Friday off work and eloped to Banff! We stayed the weekend in a beautiful lodge with wonderful food, and it was pretty much a perfect mini-honeymoon. It was a full honeymoon, really. I’m quite happy with the time we had and the ability to be spontaneous. While Friday was more of a schedule(a wedding was still happening), Saturday and Sunday were filled with us going at our own pace and loving every minute of it. We did miss the cats, but we had the amazing Devin taking care of them, and a picture of them at the ceremony so we could sort of have them there.

Brandon and I weren’t quite sure how some family members would take the news, but I’m happy to report the response from most everyone was happiness. They understood that’s what we wanted. It was better then any large-sized wedding we could have planned in a year or more. It was just us, the the legally-mandated number of witnesses(the photographer and the commissioner’s wife), and even then, when I saw him in his suit, it was like we were the only ones in the room. I couldn’t stop smiling. Neither of us could.

I’m so excited to see the photos Michael took. While there was that first winter chill in the air, the autumn colours were still vibrant.


On the organizing side of things, I need to kick my butt in gear. I still have a bunch of books to donate, but at least I finally sent out invites for the clothing swap. October was too crazy to even think of booking it then, so I’m hoping the weather isn’t terrible in early November. My after-work duties are getting busier. I’ve begun taking a course at work that will involve a lot of studying, still attempting to work on the correspondence redesign course, and of course keeping up with writing on the blog. I’m so thankful Jessica and Emma have been so giving of their time in the last couple months with guest posts about their renovations, but I need to step back up to the plate. I hope with the redesign course on my mind, I will have more content and be inspired to create more decluttering projects for myself. The last couple months have been full of me closing off from everything. I hope the next couple will be just the opposite.

Hope you’re all well, and I will talk to you soon.

– d


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