small reno, big changes: week ten


The electrician came and installed the large radiator in the living room and the lights for the hallway, living room and kitchen. I’m so glad they ended up coming when they did because our place was starting to get REALLY cold as we had a cold snap on that started around Saturday night (and lasted the rest of the week). We had dropped off a small heater to run for the tilers on Saturday and when I popped by to drop off our lights on Monday morning our place was frigid so I ran the heater again. I told the electricians to keep it on until the radiator was installed. We can’t risk bursting and damaging pipes because of the cold weather.

We noticed that after the electrician were done for the day, the tilers popped by for an hour or two and did a bit of tiling.

On Monday evening, Emma and I rented a cargo van and picked up two bedroom cabinets from Ikea. They didn’t have all of the pieces so we ordered ordered some from online because we are extremely impatient.


Emma and I took the cargo van and filled it with our oven, the Ikea stuff from Monday and some other small things and brought it all to our place. Luckily, my brother and his friend helped out as Emma hurt her wrist the week before and could only carry small stuff.


The electrician showed up again to finish some more work. They installed these space-age light switches. I have no idea how to work them…but they look fancy!

light switchesThe tilers also came by and finished up the shower tiles.

bathroom new tileEmma and I looked at ways to improve the efficiency of our radiators. With only one radiator hooked up it’s kinda chilly in our place (about 14 degrees). We found Novitherm which makes heat reflectors for radiators. It’s supposed to help improve the heat circulation by reflecting the heat back out into the room instead of absorbing into the wall it’s against.


The tilers started the subway tile in the bathroom. We also found out that we don’t have enough subway tile for the bathroom and for our backsplash (because we want it to go to the top of our kitchen cabinets) and, frankly, that’s a lot of tile. Luckily, there’s lots of subway tile in stock from our supplier so getting some more is not an issue! Phew!


Nothing happened for some reason.


Emma and I spent a good 8 hours putting up all of the cabinet doors and carousels in the kitchen. One of the carousels and doors doesn’t quite work but we also cleaned up all of the excess boxes and debris that had been collecting over the past several weeks. We needed to clean a spot for our contractor so on Monday he could bring in his saw and cut our countertops. It was actually really nice to sweep our brand new floors and give them a test run! I’m now looking forward to giving them a decent mopping.

kitchen cupboardsPhotos from Week Ten.



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