signing off

I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve written posts like this. I’ve started and ended numerous blogs over the years. The last day of 2014 felt right to close up shop, so to speak. This blog happened as they always do, beginning with inspiration and gusto, ending with blank spaces and guilt over lack of content. Jessica and Emma’s renovation series kept it afloat the last couple months, and I’m forever grateful they took the time that I seemingly could not manage.

Jess and Em, I owe you many, many drinks.

While it didn’t always translate to my writing, I did have a really good year. Beginning with finding Max at the Edmonton Humane Society in February, and ends with Brandon and I celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight together, both unemployed and ready for new adventures.

Hahaha, if only.

The Connecticut trip was the best trip we could have planned, and not only because he proposed the day of the Doctor Who premiere. I miss it most days, and can’t wait to go back and explore more tiny towns. Eloping was something I didn’t realize I wanted until we started to plan the wedding, but it was perfect for us. (And I think we didn’t piss off too many family members.)

French garden gazebo
August – location of the proposal in Wickham Park, Manchester, CT
Married in Banff!
October – Elopement in Banff, AB

Although it didn’t even last one calendar year, I have no regrets about creating this blog. It was a challenge for myself, and I’m glad I did it, even if my fear did finally get the best of me. I’m not cut out for long, or even short, term blogging, which is why I’m still on Twitter after four years. I’ve recently started a Tumblr at Brandon’s suggestion. Perhaps I can still have a voice, even if it’s through other people. One of my goals for 2015 will be to accept more often that I have a voice, an opinion, and it is important enough to be said out loud sometimes. This has absolutely been challenging(both positively and negatively), and while I don’t feel I have a valuable voice through text, I’m much more effective when speaking. Which is surprising to me, but that’s the way life goes, doesn’t it?

Another reason I’m shuttering this blog is that there will be something big and new taking up many, many hours of my days in the new year. I can’t say anything yet, but please keep your eye on my Twitter for any updates. Just know that I feel quite positive about it, and am excited for the opportunity to do something different.

Switching off the blog
Ten is helping me switch off the blog.

Thank YOU a billion billion times for reading this blog, leaving comments, and sharing moments with me. I hope your 2015 is fantastic!

you are awesome


small reno, big changes: week thirteen and fourteen

Since the process is winding down, Jessica combined weeks 13 and 14. Emma and herself have been back home for a bit now, getting accustomed to their new surroundings, moving furniture back, and seeking out any issues there may still be.


Week Thirteen/Week Fourteen


I took the day off so I could clean up our place a little bit and drive out to my mom’s to pick up more of our stuff. I tried to limit it to things I knew we really wanted in our place and also that would help us organize and clear out a couple of areas. I grabbed our front entrance stuff, some more clothes and even some artwork (because no front entrance is complete without some artwork – especially a piece by Penny Jo Buckner!). It may be a little victory but our front entrance is mostly done, minus the hanging plants we want to place on the white shelf.

decorated entrywayTuesday

Emma and I had to drive out to my mom’s place again. Our contractor and the ventilation guy were scheduled to do some more work at our place on Wednesday and so we had to make sure our dogs weren’t around to bark at them all day. While at my mom’s we filled up another car load, this time taking clothes, kitchen stuff, some decorative stuff, and books.


The HVAC guy came in the morning an installed our range hood and the bathroom fan. Our contractor was there in the afternoon and hooked up our washer, fixed our leaking toilet, and dealt with a list of a dozen small things that we had noticed over the past couple of days.


Our contractor finished up the last few things from the list we gave him. Our place is looking pretty nice! Emma and I also grabbed more stuff from my mom’s and brought the dogs home again. We carefully planned out what will fit in my mom’s truck for our last big moving day on Saturday, when we’ll bring in the big stuff – like our mattress, chairs and clothes boxes. We also started to put together our shelving unit and plugged in all of our electronics (because there is some TV watching that we need to do ASAP).

Week Fourteen

During week fourteen, Emma and I made a couple trips out to my mom’s to grab our mattress, chairs, living room table and smaller things like artwork so we could start hanging up our stuff so our place could start to feel more homey.

decorated living roomOur contractor also stopped by briefly and installed our shower shelves. We also had to pay Jostar the remainder of our balance for the renovation. So: goodbye social life, and hello paying off debt as quickly as possible! Honestly though, it’s all been worth it. This renovation has made our tiny place feel a lot bigger and solved a lot of issues we’d had with it regarding storage, lighting and bumping into each other constantly. Plus, it’s only going to get better as we’re not completely done. We still have to purchase our murphy bed/sofa, which will free up some floor space for when guests come over, and we still need to buy the Molo wall, which will allow both Emma and me some privacy, not only from each other but also when guests are over. We could effectively separate our living room from our kitchen, when necessary! I’m really looking forward to these purchases and plan to scrimp and save so we can afford them by Summer 2015! All in all, it was an incredibly stressful experience, but totally worth it.

Photos from Week Thirteen/Week Fourteen

nothing from pondering

You would think with all this free time, I would be writing.

Not sure if it’s been all the cloudy days, my own personal brand of stubbornness that I don’t have anything to do or say(which isn’t true), or the possibility that I shouldn’t even be writing. Ever. But we’re always our worst critics.

As I ponder the future of this blog and what I could put on it, I’d like to send a question into the world. What methods do you use when needing inspiration? Or rather, what inspires you?

Feel free to leave comments, pictures, song lyrics, etc below in the comments.

small reno, big changes: week twelve

This week in Jessica and Emma’s renovation series, they’re almost-sort-of-kind-of-it-was-snowing-what-could-you-do? moved back in to their place! That was a bad weather weekend for everyone. HOWEVER, the renovation journey is nearly over, and I look forward to posting completed photos when Jessica sends them to me. Turquoise walls, my friends. It will always be summer in their condo now.



The contractor installed our sink and toilet. I put on all of our kitchen cabinet’s handles, and built the steel piping for the open shelving in the kitchen.


Busy day for our contractor; he installed the shower hardware, bathroom radiator, bathroom mirror, kitchen shelving rails, range hood, kitchen cabinet valance.

Also, the electrician was in. They installed the under counter lighting, a light for the shower area, our dishwasher and our bathroom radiator.

bathroom mirror and sinkWednesday

Electrician was in again to finish up some more work. He added an outlet for our washing machine, a thermostat for our bathroom radiator and made sure all of the switch plates were changed.


Clint came in and did some touch-ups and re-patched some wall that was poked and dented during the renovation and put another coat on the chartreuse walls. That evening Emma and I decided to make the one white wall turquoise. Luckily, Clint is really great at allowing us to change up the paint job with little time left to spare.


Clint finished up some more painting, and covered the white wall in turquoise! We officially don’t have any painted white walls anymore! It was a good decision!


Emma and I had planned to move all of our stuff this weekend but since Edmonton (also, most of the province) was slammed with a massive snow storm, we decided to cancel our moving van because the roads were downright terrible and I’m a nervous winter driver. Seriously, I’m like Tina Belcher freaking out when I have to drive on bad roads! So instead, Emma and I took my mom’s car (with all-wheel drive and winter tires) and filled it to the brim and shoved the dogs in the car, and took back roads to get what we needed into the city to start living there.

Photos from Week Twelve

my career break

Today is my last day of work.

This may seem abrupt, but let me assure you, it’s overdue. My path, while interlocked most of the time with Brandon’s, has been veering off into its own weird little place. I’ve always wondered why I haven’t been happy in office work, and yet I kept coming back to it. It was a security blanket of sorts. I had the most experience in administration and office environments, so I continued to find employment there, but it was never where my heart lay. I thought it may be the only reasonable outcome for me, even when it made me miserable, angry, and generally not a fun person to be around.

I try to keep this blog on the positive side, but if you’ve been reading my Twitter, you’ve seen my 140-character rants. I finally realized this job was stifling me, and there would be no growth within. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that has to like her work, and won’t be happy with just a paycheque. I don’t have the patience to “stick with it” until I find another job, start my own organizing business, or whatever people do these days when they don’t like their stuffy office jobs. So I put my notice in a couple weeks ago, and dealt with the judgement from others while trying to wrap up work I didn’t care about. I wanted to care, and if I did, I may have stayed longer. Though I’m now sure even that wouldn’t have been enough of a reason. I know I have the ability to care about things, just apparently nothing I’m currently making money from.

That’s what I’m hoping to change. December is an insane month to quit a job in, but if anyone’s going to do a colossally stupid* thing to their career in December, it’s going to be me. Even if I feel it’s 100% the right decision, I still have my doubts. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to be doing in the next few months, but I found something online called a “career break“, which I think is the most appropriate thing I appear to be doing right now. Not even sure I was here long enough to call it a career. In any case, I need a change.

I need work that inspires me, that encourages me, that drives me to create. I need a space where I feel purposeful, challenged, and encouraged.

I plan to spend December working on my blog, improving my writing in both quality and frequency, completing my redesign correspondence course, and getting in a ton more cat snuggles, because why not?

double cat


* I shouldn’t be so self-deprecating. This is the right choice for me, and I’m happy I made it.

small reno, big changes: week eleven

This week in Jessica & Emma’s renovation series, everything’s coming together, and it’s looking fantastic!



The contractor and I met on Monday morning and discussed how he plans to cut the countertops and also the timeline of everything as we’re pushing to have the renovation completed by Friday, November 28th so Emma and I can move in that Saturday/Sunday (which gives them about two weeks).

The tiler was also in on Monday; working hard to get the rest of the bathroom tiled so they can move onto the backsplash once the contractor has that down.


Some of the countertop is down, and the rest of the subway tile in the bathroom is in.


The rest of the countertop is down and the subway tile in the kitchen is mostly up.

kitchen countertop


The sink and cooktop have been cut into the countertop. All of the subway tile is in and grouted! The tilers also finish off a small portion of the shower tiling. We were about two boxes of tile short, unfortunately.


Picked up our bathroom door from Clint. He did such a great job on it. Check it out!

flaming door

The paint he used is a nice glossy flame colour which smoothed out all of the roughness of the door so it should be really easy to clean it now!


I had some help from our friend, Sarah, to drag our Miele washer and dryer down from our storage unit. Sarah is a pro washer/dryer mover, I swear to god! She hauled those babies down with so much ease. She’s one tough badass!

After unwrapping the washer and dryer I noticed that we only had a plug for a dryer but not our washer. We previously had a combo unit which only needed one outlet. Luckily, we have lots of room in our electrical panel so I asked our electrician to add an outlet when he was in there the following week.

I also put together a cabinet from Ikea that we thought would look nice in the bathroom but upon actually putting it in there we decided we don’t like it at all. So back to the drawing board to find a cabinet or shelving unit that we’ll like.

Photos from Week Eleven