small reno, big changes: week eleven

This week in Jessica & Emma’s renovation series, everything’s coming together, and it’s looking fantastic!



The contractor and I met on Monday morning and discussed how he plans to cut the countertops and also the timeline of everything as we’re pushing to have the renovation completed by Friday, November 28th so Emma and I can move in that Saturday/Sunday (which gives them about two weeks).

The tiler was also in on Monday; working hard to get the rest of the bathroom tiled so they can move onto the backsplash once the contractor has that down.


Some of the countertop is down, and the rest of the subway tile in the bathroom is in.


The rest of the countertop is down and the subway tile in the kitchen is mostly up.

kitchen countertop


The sink and cooktop have been cut into the countertop. All of the subway tile is in and grouted! The tilers also finish off a small portion of the shower tiling. We were about two boxes of tile short, unfortunately.


Picked up our bathroom door from Clint. He did such a great job on it. Check it out!

flaming door

The paint he used is a nice glossy flame colour which smoothed out all of the roughness of the door so it should be really easy to clean it now!


I had some help from our friend, Sarah, to drag our Miele washer and dryer down from our storage unit. Sarah is a pro washer/dryer mover, I swear to god! She hauled those babies down with so much ease. She’s one tough badass!

After unwrapping the washer and dryer I noticed that we only had a plug for a dryer but not our washer. We previously had a combo unit which only needed one outlet. Luckily, we have lots of room in our electrical panel so I asked our electrician to add an outlet when he was in there the following week.

I also put together a cabinet from Ikea that we thought would look nice in the bathroom but upon actually putting it in there we decided we don’t like it at all. So back to the drawing board to find a cabinet or shelving unit that we’ll like.

Photos from Week Eleven


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