my career break

Today is my last day of work.

This may seem abrupt, but let me assure you, it’s overdue. My path, while interlocked most of the time with Brandon’s, has been veering off into its own weird little place. I’ve always wondered why I haven’t been happy in office work, and yet I kept coming back to it. It was a security blanket of sorts. I had the most experience in administration and office environments, so I continued to find employment there, but it was never where my heart lay. I thought it may be the only reasonable outcome for me, even when it made me miserable, angry, and generally not a fun person to be around.

I try to keep this blog on the positive side, but if you’ve been reading my Twitter, you’ve seen my 140-character rants. I finally realized this job was stifling me, and there would be no growth within. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that has to like her work, and won’t be happy with just a paycheque. I don’t have the patience to “stick with it” until I find another job, start my own organizing business, or whatever people do these days when they don’t like their stuffy office jobs. So I put my notice in a couple weeks ago, and dealt with the judgement from others while trying to wrap up work I didn’t care about. I wanted to care, and if I did, I may have stayed longer. Though I’m now sure even that wouldn’t have been enough of a reason. I know I have the ability to care about things, just apparently nothing I’m currently making money from.

That’s what I’m hoping to change. December is an insane month to quit a job in, but if anyone’s going to do a colossally stupid* thing to their career in December, it’s going to be me. Even if I feel it’s 100% the right decision, I still have my doubts. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to be doing in the next few months, but I found something online called a “career break“, which I think is the most appropriate thing I appear to be doing right now. Not even sure I was here long enough to call it a career. In any case, I need a change.

I need work that inspires me, that encourages me, that drives me to create. I need a space where I feel purposeful, challenged, and encouraged.

I plan to spend December working on my blog, improving my writing in both quality and frequency, completing my redesign correspondence course, and getting in a ton more cat snuggles, because why not?

double cat


* I shouldn’t be so self-deprecating. This is the right choice for me, and I’m happy I made it.


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