small reno, big changes: week twelve

This week in Jessica and Emma’s renovation series, they’re almost-sort-of-kind-of-it-was-snowing-what-could-you-do? moved back in to their place! That was a bad weather weekend for everyone. HOWEVER, the renovation journey is nearly over, and I look forward to posting completed photos when Jessica sends them to me. Turquoise walls, my friends. It will always be summer in their condo now.



The contractor installed our sink and toilet. I put on all of our kitchen cabinet’s handles, and built the steel piping for the open shelving in the kitchen.


Busy day for our contractor; he installed the shower hardware, bathroom radiator, bathroom mirror, kitchen shelving rails, range hood, kitchen cabinet valance.

Also, the electrician was in. They installed the under counter lighting, a light for the shower area, our dishwasher and our bathroom radiator.

bathroom mirror and sinkWednesday

Electrician was in again to finish up some more work. He added an outlet for our washing machine, a thermostat for our bathroom radiator and made sure all of the switch plates were changed.


Clint came in and did some touch-ups and re-patched some wall that was poked and dented during the renovation and put another coat on the chartreuse walls. That evening Emma and I decided to make the one white wall turquoise. Luckily, Clint is really great at allowing us to change up the paint job with little time left to spare.


Clint finished up some more painting, and covered the white wall in turquoise! We officially don’t have any painted white walls anymore! It was a good decision!


Emma and I had planned to move all of our stuff this weekend but since Edmonton (also, most of the province) was slammed with a massive snow storm, we decided to cancel our moving van because the roads were downright terrible and I’m a nervous winter driver. Seriously, I’m like Tina Belcher freaking out when I have to drive on bad roads! So instead, Emma and I took my mom’s car (with all-wheel drive and winter tires) and filled it to the brim and shoved the dogs in the car, and took back roads to get what we needed into the city to start living there.

Photos from Week Twelve


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