nothing from pondering

You would think with all this free time, I would be writing.

Not sure if it’s been all the cloudy days, my own personal brand of stubbornness that I don’t have anything to do or say(which isn’t true), or the possibility that I shouldn’t even be writing. Ever. But we’re always our worst critics.

As I ponder the future of this blog and what I could put on it, I’d like to send a question into the world. What methods do you use when needing inspiration? Or rather, what inspires you?

Feel free to leave comments, pictures, song lyrics, etc below in the comments.


One thought on “nothing from pondering

  1. Reading a truly amazing book–writing that crackles with energy, characters who you feel like someone you’ve known for years, twisty-tricksy plot–that’s what really gets my creative juices flowing. And, apparently, feeling as if I only have a brief hour to 90 minutes in which to write. You’d think with about 14 free hours a day here in Mexico, I’d be writing all day. No. I started writing only when Colin went for a one-hour massage, and damn, the habit stuck. When I get home, I’m going to limit myself to 90 minutes max and just pound the heck out of the time.

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