signing off

I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve written posts like this. I’ve started and ended numerous blogs over the years. The last day of 2014 felt right to close up shop, so to speak. This blog happened as they always do, beginning with inspiration and gusto, ending with blank spaces and guilt over lack of content. Jessica and Emma’s renovation series kept it afloat the last couple months, and I’m forever grateful they took the time that I seemingly could not manage.

Jess and Em, I owe you many, many drinks.

While it didn’t always translate to my writing, I did have a really good year. Beginning with finding Max at the Edmonton Humane Society in February, and ends with Brandon and I celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight together, both unemployed and ready for new adventures.

Hahaha, if only.

The Connecticut trip was the best trip we could have planned, and not only because he proposed the day of the Doctor Who premiere. I miss it most days, and can’t wait to go back and explore more tiny towns. Eloping was something I didn’t realize I wanted until we started to plan the wedding, but it was perfect for us. (And I think we didn’t piss off too many family members.)

French garden gazebo
August – location of the proposal in Wickham Park, Manchester, CT
Married in Banff!
October – Elopement in Banff, AB

Although it didn’t even last one calendar year, I have no regrets about creating this blog. It was a challenge for myself, and I’m glad I did it, even if my fear did finally get the best of me. I’m not cut out for long, or even short, term blogging, which is why I’m still on Twitter after four years. I’ve recently started a Tumblr at Brandon’s suggestion. Perhaps I can still have a voice, even if it’s through other people. One of my goals for 2015 will be to accept more often that I have a voice, an opinion, and it is important enough to be said out loud sometimes. This has absolutely been challenging(both positively and negatively), and while I don’t feel I have a valuable voice through text, I’m much more effective when speaking. Which is surprising to me, but that’s the way life goes, doesn’t it?

Another reason I’m shuttering this blog is that there will be something big and new taking up many, many hours of my days in the new year. I can’t say anything yet, but please keep your eye on my Twitter for any updates. Just know that I feel quite positive about it, and am excited for the opportunity to do something different.

Switching off the blog
Ten is helping me switch off the blog.

Thank YOU a billion billion times for reading this blog, leaving comments, and sharing moments with me. I hope your 2015 is fantastic!

you are awesome


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